This past weekend I was in New York City and a lot happened. I traveled the distance to find out answers to some questions that have been on my mind. In the end my life changed for the better (or so I think). It’s hard to accept the change but it will only get easier with time.
Below are photos from my Instagram (@livinginmodern) that I took while in New York.
Check them out below.

View From my hotel room on 38th Ave. 

Fabulous while marble door way

Lady Gaga “The Fame Perfume” advertisement at Times Square

Indoor court yard at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jacques-Louis David: Portrait of Monsieur Lavoisier and His Wife

Kitano Hotel view

Interior of Church across the Kitano Hotel

Gold Piano details

Heater cover detail

Looking down from the 16th floor

Psychic readings only $10


Ballerina statue by Degas

Nice Bum

Must be trash day in New York

Across the Library

Everything does exist in New York

Lets take a train to nowhere

Real Art

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