Its official, unexpected spring weather is here. It has been raining for the past week and I finally got a chance to wear my AIGLE rain booties that I purchased in Paris.

A year ago my Marc Jacobs rain boots got destroyed and ever since I have been looking for a pair of fun rubber boots. I found AIGLE on accident after walking back to our Parisian apartment from the Arc de Triumph. Henry and I stopped by and came out with a pair of expensive rubber boots. AIGLE boots are made in France and are handcrafted with high quality natural rubber, Totes explains the high price tag. The booties come in a variety of color combinations and heights. Mine are navy with a navy rubber sole and a red band around the top. A pair of boots cost around $163-$218 but are worth every penny, especially when walking to work during a storm.

Check out the video below to see the handcrafted manufacturing process of AIGLE boots.
Fore more information on AIGLE click HERE!


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