Dear LIM,

I give you permission to officially disown me, where do I sign?
I’ve been a deadbeat when it comes to keeping up and updating this websie. I’m not even going to pretend that two thousand seventeen will be the year that I do more posts. It’s just not going to happen but I will give it my best.

Early February is here and I’m on a different kind of high, a rush of blood to the brain but not quite enough to set these feelings on fire. All this talk of not updating LIM is getting me down and quite honest it makes no sense in my brain but I’m trying hard to fix what I have dropped!

I know this website is nothing more than a blog but something in my heart tells me that there’s never been a better day for Living in Modern. Now let’s work that inside to the outside and a bit closer to the floor as we do our first post.


Let’s flashback a few weeks back to my Christmas trip in Mexico. I traveled mainly because of my brothers wedding but also took the time to explore Mexico City, Valle de Bravo, Maravatio and Tlalpujahua. There is something special about returning to Mexico every year. I feel at home and completely at peace knowing that someday in this crazy world I could potentially retire to my home there.

One morning I decided to take a walk behind our home in the agave fields. I took Napoleon with me and we started walking with no destination in mind. As we got farther from home and into the opened fields I sat down on a rock that was on the side of the dirt road. In that moment I stood there surrounded by open air, the most beautiful mountain views and my favorite boy, my dog Napoleon. A flashback came rushing-in to the last time I was in that same spot. It had been a few years but everything seemed to have been frozen in time. The massive boulder was still in the same position along the road and located next to the leaning cactus tree. Everything there was the same but life now was completely different to the time I was last there. This was the moment that I realized that two thousand seventeen was my year to watch things drop.

Rene Valdez
Living in Modern

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