Dear Social Life,

Have you been wondering where I have been this month? Because I have.

Looking back at the calendar I noticed that I only made two posts in the month of April. Hmmm! This month I was on a new life path and updating my blog was not a priority to me. To meeee!

Over the past three weeks all I’ve done during the week is work, work and more work. Honestly, I have absolutely no time to do anything else and when I do have time then I have no energy. I’m sorry. I’m extremely thankful to have a job where I can enjoy spending up to nine hours a day working and still have energy to do it all over the next day.

Photo: Me at the Park Hyatt Chicago and the view from the 49th floor balcony.

Rene at Park HyattPark Hyatt View

Saturdays are usually the days when I can see and catch up with my friends who I abandon during the week. Ah!
This weekend Molly and I made our way to good old Boystown to do a little celebration of our own. There we met up with all our dancing buddies who are always down for a good night on the dance floor.

Photo: Molly and I dancing with the boys at Roscoes

Molly and Rene

Video that I recorded at Rocoes while dancing: Icona Pop- I Love It.

The only constant updates that I’ve done are to my Instagram account because of how fast and easy it is. You should totes follow me on my Instagram journey by clicking here. Do it!

I’m totally enjoying this song at the moment; it’s definitely worth listening to at least once.
Little Talks: Of Monsters and Men

For the month of May I promise to do more updates and I’l have a clean slate after all this time. Maybe I need to come up with a topic for the whole month and stick to it. Any suggestions?

May bring it on, I know you will be good to me and I cannot wait to see what you have to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing Marina and the Diamonds in concert. ahhh. She is going to kill it.

-Love Rene


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