Our taxi turns right on Avenue de La Bourdonnais. Luckily we knew that our hotel was approaching because we had taken the Google virtual tour of Paris. Being there doesn’t compare to seeing it behind a computer screen. This time it was real.

Our hotel is located walking distance to the Eiffel tower, metro and many (expensive) cafes. We checked into our hotel, took a small two-person elevator up to the sixth floor, walked into our small charming room. Finally we could take our shoes off, relax and maybe take a nap.

Come on do you really think we were going to take a nap. We are in Paris! Staying in was the last thing on our minds; we needed to explore. We walked to the Eiffel tower, took some photos and ended up around the corner in a café surrounded by real Parisians.

Paris day two started out early. Since it was a Wednesday we knew that the Louvre Museum would be open late. Having the Louvre close at a later time was perfect for us, that way we could take advantage of those extra hours and see more for the same price.

TIP: If you are planning to visit the Louvre Museum, I suggest purchasing your tickets in advance or purchase the Paris Museum Pass. You can purchase this pass to use for 2, 4 or 6 consecutive days. Ultimately you save money and time, which is perfect. You can find more information on the Paris Museum Pass at www.parismuseumpass.com. If you find yourself at the Louvre with no museum pass, like we did, there is a tourism center a couple blocks away on Rue de Pyramides, just past Statue de Jeanne D’arc.

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From the moment our taxi drove across the bridge and into the Louvre we were excited to see how immense the building is. The glass pyramids by architect I. M. Pei are extraordinary architecture; clearly we had to take a photo in front of them.Inside, the Louvre is divided into three parts, Denon wing, Richelieu wing, and the Sully wing. We started our day with the Denon wing. This wing has a lot of famous sculptures, my favorite being the winged Victory, which is a marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike. Nike is located down the hall on top of the stairs; she stands so tall and high that she is the center of attention.

Now if you want 100 people bumping into you and want to stand 20 feet away from the painting then the Mona Lisa is for you. This famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is a smaller painting protected by a bullet proof glass wall, wood guard rail in front of the glass and massive amount of security throughout the room.

Being an art student it was wonderful to visit the Louvre, Not just because of its amazing architecture and artwork, but also for its rich history. The building itself is a piece of art; everywhere you look you can see something wonderful.

  • TIP: For making your Louvre experience the best it can be.
  • Get there early to see as much as possible.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing lots of walking
  • Have a camera that takes good photos and has enough memory space
  • Bring extra money. Food will be necessary if you didn’t pack, and souvenirs are a must!
  • Most important is to take your time. Don’t try to see everything in one day. Have an excuse to come back.


Check out some of our favority photos from the Louvre Museum

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