With the end of the year soon approaching I must admit that 2011 has been very interesting and one of the best years so far.

At only 23 years old I have accomplished so much in this past year. For me 2011 started out like a dream. In Paris celebrating the New Year with Henry in front of the sparkling Eiffel Tower and surrounded by thousands of people. Exploring Paris might have only been a few days of 2011 but it’s one more thing checked off my bucket list.

Back in Chicago I continued my last semester of college. Having four classes left, a part-time job, internship and no social life wasn’t easy but I managed to get everything done. The search for an internship wasn’t easy; for some strange reason called procrastination I decided to delay my interning experience. I had a week to find an internship or I wouldn’t graduate so I went around the merchandise mart looking, talking to people and handing out resumes. In the end I found the perfect internship at Michael-Cleary LLC. Michael-Cleary is a high-end residential showroom that specializes in antique reproductions such as furniture, lighting and fabric.

I completed my education in late June and graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. At the portfolio show that was sponsored by my school I got a freelance job doing computer renderings for a historic hotel project. In the end things didn’t work out and there I was again, jobless. Once again I started the job hunt, while still working for free. After a few months of interning at Michael-Cleary I was given the chance to become a part-time employee for the showroom.

While working at Michael-Cleary as showroom assistant I have been given many opportunities. One of which was designing a 10’ X 10’ dining space for DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS). With less than three weeks left of the year I am thankful for everything that I accomplished so far. My career has just started and I’m looking forward to see what 2012 has to offer me.

PS: I started my year in Paris, lived most of it in Chicago and will end it in Mexico. That’s called a good year. Thank you to all the followers and new users. 2012 is our year!



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